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Co-Creation Tool

Why Have We Designed This Platform?

Codesignn is a platform which enables users to design, enact, develop and manage inovations in collabrations. Users benefit from the features of Codesignn while creating projects. It is aimed to sustain interactions through projects. With the outputs of the uploaded projects from other users in the platform, interactions are strengthened since users are inspired and use these outputs as contributions to their own projects. Therefore, these interactions generate an extended web of connections among users. 

How Do We Make it Possible?

Codesignn is a collaborative platform to design, execute, develop and manage innovation.  Users benefit from codesignn's features while developing their projects with this platform. It is aimed to increase the interactions related to the project through this online platform. By seeing the outputs of the process by other users, the users' submission of their own ideas as a contribution to the project development increases the interaction.  At the same time, this interaction provides an interaction between users and enables the establishment of strong networks. 

What Are Our Main Principles?

Co-Creation Culture

Taking collaboration and interaction as essential principles, it is important to take the opportunity of developing projects. You can move on to the next step by the help of feedback from your teammates or other people who participate in your individual projects.

Process Oriented Approach


We care about your process and your experience at codesignn. With the common production culture, you can keep what you do, control the process and report it. Keep moving forward by streamlining your process.

Interactions and Connections



Move forward with a platform that is unifying in developing projects and establishing collaborations. Continue your process by communicating and interacting. Make your business better with a platform that is constantly renewed and provides a flexible structure.


What Do We Offer?


Create and
Share Projects!


Interact !

-Creating different project categories

-Upload and download files

-Access to relevant project resources (files, images, videos, etc.)


-Project interactions (likes, comments)

-Sharing summitted projects between users


Archive Your Projects !


Experience Teamwork !

-Project storage

-Guest access

-Create a project with a team

-Communication and performance


Report and Review Statistics!

-Converting submitted projects to reports

-Assessment of the contribution to the project


Introduce yourself with your digital CV !

-Creating a powerful network

-Business-oriented social network

Love, Design, Innovate

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