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Membership Agreement

   PARTIES: This Codesign Platform Use Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”),  

(NS)   with (hereinafter briefly referred to as the “Provider”) operating at;
   ………………………..……………..…………………………………………….. ………………………………..' (TC No:……. / Tax No:…….) (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) or
………………………..……………..…………………………………………….. ………………………………..' (TC No:……. / Tax No:…….) (hereinafter referred to as the “User”).
Within the scope of this Agreement, CoDesign, Customer, User shall be referred to as "Party" individually or collectively as "Parties".
The definitions in the Convention are also valid for their plural form if they are singular and vice versa for their singular form.
Parties to this Agreement as a Customer or User accept the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

2. SUBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT: The subject of the contract is defined by the Users who can create and manage projects, works (hereinafter referred to as the "Project") and who may be involved in these Projects belonging to the Customer, by providing ideas, designs, research and data to them. providing a collaboration platform (hereinafter “CoDesign”) that allows these people to create, collaborate and centralize communication through online virtual boards where they can contribute to each other (hereinafter “Delivery”), use of CoDesign (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) in accordance with these terms.

provider,  With the CoDesign Platform Usage Agreement, different membership types may be created, and different regulations may be included in this Agreement and its annexes regarding the content and scope of the Services received by the Customer or the User and the use of CoDesign. The Customer's/User's membership of CoDesign and the content and scope of the Services are included in the Subscription Type and Conditions text in Annex-1. In case of any difference between this Agreement and Annex-1 Membership Type and Conditions, the regulations in Annex-1 Membership Type and Conditions shall prevail.

Customers and Users agree that the terms and conditions in this Agreement and the contents of the Services may be unilaterally revised by the Provider from time to time, access to and use of CoDesign may be stopped unless such changes are accepted by the Customers or Users, accepts in advance that there will be no objections and demands.

The working principle of the Codesign platform offered by the Provider to the Customer and/or the User and the principles regarding the Services are listed below, and the Services included in the Membership Type purchased by the Customer and/or the User, Edited in 1:
3.1. Online virtual boards, where Codesign Customers can interact with each other, by creating Projects suitable for the Customer to create professional, commercial, innovative, social, social and economic outputs, and to ensure the development of Projects with the Deliverables to be added to these Projects by Users who are members of Codesign. It is a collaboration platform that allows you to create, collaborate and centralize communication through The Codesign platform will be made available to the Customer as long as the Agreement is in effect.
3.2. Customers and Users will create their own accounts in CoDesign, creating profiles containing their information such as
3.3. The customer will be able to create open or closed Projects through Codesign.
3.4. Open projects can be viewed by all Users in Codesign. Users can send requests to participate in open projects they view. If the request to participate is approved by the project owner Client, Users are involved in the Project and may interact within the framework permitted by the Client (hereinafter referred to as “Open Projects”).
3.5. Closed projects, on the other hand, can only be viewed and accessed by Users who have the link containing the invitation, upon the Customer's invitation. Users accessing the link containing the invitation are included in the Project and may interact within the framework permitted by the Client (hereinafter referred to as "Closed Projects") .
3.6. Users whose request to participate in Open Projects have been accepted and Users who are included in Closed Projects via an invitation link will become authorized Users (hereinafter referred to as "Authorized Users"). The limits of the Authorized Users' authority in the Projects, the issues they can interact with and access, and the actions that can be performed on the Codesign platform are determined entirely by the Customers who are the owners of the relevant Project, and the Provider has no responsibility in this regard.
3.7. Authorized Users will be able to access and comment on Submissions in the relevant Project. It will be able to send messages to the Customers and Users involved in the Project. It will be able to create a Delivery itself within the relevant Project. Authorized Users in the same Project will be able to comment on each other's profiles. If the comment in question is approved by the other Authorized User to whom the comment was made, it will also become viewable by other Customers and Users. The interaction of Authorized Users within the Project can be scored by the Customer. Submissions and comments made by users within the CoDesign platform are converted into performance reports by the algorithm in CoDesign. Users' scores will be published on their profiles. The sum of the points of the Authorized Users will also be published as Project points.
  The features listed in this Clause that can be performed in CoDesign can be enabled or disabled by the Customer in the respective Projects. This authority and responsibility is determined entirely by the Clients, who are the owners of the Project, and the Provider has no responsibility in this regard.

4.1. The Customer and the User agree that the Services they receive from the Provider are the provision of a number of technological and digital services for the use of an application that is embodied only in the form of membership and use of the CoDesign platform; therefore, whether the Customers and Users have the necessary permissions, authorizations, rights and licenses in terms of their actions, activities, transactions in CoDesign, the realization of the Deliveries and their content, Customers and/or Users' own accepts that it has no obligation and responsibility for the relations and interactions between them.
4.2. The Customer and Users are obliged to prevent the Provider from incurring any damage due to their activities in CoDesign or the lack of permissions, authorizations, rights and licenses.
4.3. Customers and Users will benefit from the Services by creating an account through CoDesign. Each Customer and User will be able to create only one account. It is entirely and solely the responsibility of the Customers and Users to ensure the security of the username and password of all transactions carried out through the said account. Customers and Users shall immediately notify the Provider in writing in the event that account information, user name and password fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.
4.4. Customers and Users shall ensure that their information regarding their CoDesign account is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. If there is a suspicion that the information is not correct, complete and up-to-date, the Provider may suspend or terminate the Services indefinitely.
4.5. Customers and Users are personally responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and security of their requests to join and the links containing invitations.
4.6. Customers and Users' actions and transactions in CoDesign, the content they share, will not be contrary to the legislation in force in the Republic of Turkey, general morality, etiquette, Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in Codesign.
4.7. Customers and Users agree that their sharing and interactions on CoDesign, Projects, Submissions and their contents and comments will be correct, ethical and legal, and will not be in the nature of any misdemeanor or crime in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Turkey, , slander, threat, harassment or content that discredits the Provider or CoDesign, Provider, Customers, Users
  undertakes that it will not constitute a violation of rights in terms of or third parties, and that it will not cause damage. Customers and Users shall not produce comments, sharing and content such as profanity, sexual content, hate speech, discrimination, threats and violence, attacks on personal rights, personal data of third parties and sensitive personal data, promotion of illegal activities (such as drugs, prostitution). commits. In such cases, the Provider may remove such content and comments, suspend or terminate Customers' or Users' membership and/or access to the Services with CoDesign.
4.8. The Provider has no control over the content of the sharing, interaction, Project or Delivery that Customers and Users will make in CoDesign, and all responsibility for these lies with the Customers and Users. Customers and Users,
  sharing, interaction, Project or Submissions will include or transmit content that belongs only to him, for which he has the necessary licenses and permissions and / or that he has obtained through legal means. Customers and Users will only use and make use of the content that they own intellectual property or legally have the right to use. In the event of a violation of the provisions of this article, the Provider may request the removal of the relevant content within a certain period of time, remove the content itself, be limited to the knowledge of it and in any case, at its own initiative, to remove the content itself, to be the responsibility of the Customers and/or Users until the content is removed.  You may choose to terminate your access and visibility to Codesign, permanently terminate the Services, and terminate the Agreement immediately.
4.9. Customers and Users shall not have any claims, rights and demands against the Provider in terms of the content of sharing, interaction, Project or Delivery they will make in CoDesign, the confidentiality of the said content, intellectual and industrial property rights, trade secret nature and similar situations; The Provider is not responsible for providing them; Legal status, rights and demands such as intellectual and industrial property rights, confidentiality obligation, non-disclosure obligation, confidentiality obligation, trade secret nature of the information and documents they share are between the person sharing the sharing, interaction, Project or Delivery content and the people they share, and that they are in agreement with each other. will take shape; they agree that these matters do not impose any responsibility on the Provider.
4.10. Customers and Users will act in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other relevant legislation in terms of information about Customers, Users or other third parties and all personal data obtained through or through CoDesign, and will keep them in line with third parties in any way. It will not share it or use it in violation of the legislation.
4.11. Contacting the Provider with the address, telephone, e-mail information and communication channels that Customers and Users have notified to the Provider during the establishment of this Agreement and/or their use of CoDesign,
  It declares that it approves the use of the Provider's products and services for the promotion and marketing, notification of promotions and campaigns and the storage of such information for this purpose.
4.12. Customers and Users agree that their general information (name, surname, city), education information, work experience, comments on their profile and (*) information of the project they participated in can be viewed by other Customers and Users in CoDesign and they consent to this.
4.13. Customers and Users acknowledge and agree that all conversations with the Provider via telephone/call center/e-mail or via the CoDesign platform can be recorded and used in case of disputes in accordance with quality standards and the performance of mutual obligations in the Contract.
4.14. The relationship established between the Customers and/or Users and the Provider within the framework of this Agreement and its annexes shall in no way be interpreted as a sub-superior employer, business partnership, agency, branch, commercial representative, brokerage, brokerage.
  The Services provided by the Provider to the Customers and Users only consist of the use of the CoDesign platform/application, which is a collaboration platform detailed in Articles 2 and 3, within the framework of this Agreement and its annexes.
4.15. Customers and Users agree that they will not use the name or logo of Codesign's or the Provider's products and services in a way that is interpreted outside of the scope expressly stated in the annexes of this Agreement.
4.16. All kinds of requests, claims, legal, administrative and criminal penalties that may be directed by other Customers, Users, third parties or official, administrative institutions due to the transactions and actions performed by Customers and Users on or in connection with CoDesign, or actions contrary to the provisions of this Agreement and the applicable legislation. sanctions are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the respective Customers and Users.
4.17. Customers and Users may use CoDesign to copy, reproduce, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise access, use, process, create artifacts, data mining, or otherwise access the source code of the software included in CoDesign or the Services. in
  It does not have the right to use, benefit from other than the areas of use specified in the Services and the Agreement.
4.18. Customers and Users, virus, malicious code, automatic cancellation programs (cancel bots), Trojan Horse, internet packet searcher (flood ping), denial-of-service attacks, packet or IP spoofing (spoofing) ), fraudulent referral or e-mail address information, or similar methods or use of technology; or
  will not otherwise interfere with CoDesign and other software offered under the Services.
4.19. Customers and Users use CoDesign or the Services to develop a similar or competing product or service; modify or create derivative works of CoDesign or copy any element of the Service; remove or hide proprietary notices of the Services or otherwise misrepresent the source of ownership of the Services; Publish performance information about the Services; interfere with the operation of the Services, circumvent access restrictions, or perform any security or vulnerability testing of the Services; sell or transfer their memberships to others; engage in any fraudulent, misleading, illegal or unethical activity; They represent and warrant that they will not use it to store or transmit documents and materials that contain disturbing, violent, pornographic, obscene, illegal, defamatory, discriminatory, defamatory, indecent or racially or morally offensive matters or content.
4.20. Customers and Users shall comply with the security measures of the Provider's technology providers and the relevant directives given by the Provider. Any modification of the browser and contents of CoDesign, linking from CoDesign without the express consent of the Provider is strictly prohibited.
4.21. Customers and Users on Provider's Codesign
  In case the Provider makes the changes and updates it deems necessary,  to comply with the maintenance conditions that they may request from them and to perform the requested operations; otherwise, Provider may suspend or terminate their access to CoDesign.
4.22. Customers and Users shall provide the Provider with timely access to information and documents reasonably needed to perform technical service, necessary software, improvements and updates. If Customers or Users fail to do so, the Provider will be relieved of its obligation to provide the Services until access is granted. The Provider shall use the information and documents provided to it within the framework of this Article only for the purpose of providing technical service, necessary software, improvements and updates.
4.23. Customers and Users themselves are responsible for taking the necessary security, protection and backup measures, including archiving the content contained in CoDesign.
4.24. Customers and Users agree that the Provider may audit at any time in connection with the Services and Codesign, whether they comply with the Agreement and its annexes. Customers and Users will not hinder these inspections and will provide the necessary convenience to ensure inspections and resolution of problems.
4.25. All kinds of tax liabilities arising from the activities carried out by the Customers and Users through Codesign belong to them.
4.26. Customers and Users are bound by the payment terms in the Contract annexes and Article 7; He will not be able to abstain from payment by giving reasons for not using the Services and/or CoDesign.
4.27. The Services and CoDesign are not intended for or used by anyone under the age of 18. All Customers and Users acknowledge that they are over the age of 18 and that they are not a party to the Agreement by making false statements in this regard.

5.1. The Services and features that the Provider undertakes to offer to the Customers and Users are strictly limited to those listed in the Membership Type and Conditions in Article 2, Article 3 and Annex-1, even if the subject is similar or necessary for the Services listed there. other business and services are not included.
5.2. Customers and Users' access to CoDesign will be terminated immediately upon termination of the Agreement, default in payment obligations, or termination of the Services for any reason.
5.3. Codesign will only be compatible with (*) web browsers and mobile devices specified on the website and application. In terms of compatibility, efficiency and interoperability with browsers and devices other than those specified by the provider.
  does not make a commitment.
5.4. Updates, improvements or technical problems or requirements to be made in the Provider Codesign, the Services and the software, the termination or disruption of the services of the outsourcing service and product providers, the situations caused by the changes made by the outsource service and product providers from their own systems, the outsourcing service and product providers may temporarily block access to Codesign, interrupt the provision of the Services. The Provider will endeavor to terminate the blocking or interruption of access as soon as possible or to do so during the time when Codesign visits/usage is lowest.
5.5. Information and data belonging to Codesign, the Customer and Users, their transactions and actions on Codesign, shared with itself or with CoDesign within the scope of the relationship it has established within the framework of this Agreement; It can be used, processed, classified and stored in accordance with the Policy and Clarification Text on the Processing and Protection of Personal Data in Annex-2 for the purpose of security, fulfilling its obligations and obtaining statistical data. The Provider shall provide the data regarding Customers, Users, Codesign and their actions through Codesign, with the relevant authorities in case of request by the competent authorities in accordance with the current legislation, or with the Customers or Users in order for the parties to exercise their legal rights in case of conflict between the Customers and the Users. or share it with the competent authorities.
5.6. Provider may create and use usage data for operating, improving, analyzing and supporting the Services and for other legitimate business purposes. If Customers and Users provide Provider with feedback or suggestions regarding the Services or other Provider offerings, Provider may use the feedback or suggestions without restriction or obligation.
5.7. Provider may use its own servers or servers of third party partners or outsourcing providers to provide the Services and to provide CoDesign membership.
5.8. The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally change, supplement, renew, change the subject, scope and content of CoDesign and Services, and suspend access when deemed necessary. Changes made by the Provider to Codesign, the Services and other terms will become effective (i) on the date of publication on CoDesign or (ii) in writing to Customers or Users (whichever is earlier) and will be made available to Customers or Users on that date.
  shall be deemed to have accepted the current conditions. 
5.9. The Provider may immediately suspend access to Codesign, without notice, in the event of delay, disruption or non-payment of the Fee due to Customers and Users until payment is made.
5.10. Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties in Projects, Customers and Users may export their own delivery(*) data upon written request as long as their membership in CoDesign continues or within 30 days following the expiration of their membership. After this period, the Provider may delete the data of Customers and Users. If Customers and Users choose to proactively delete their account and/or data at any time, all associated data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

6. INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY REGARDING CODESIGN: CoDesign, CoDesign's use cases in the form of domain name and mobile application, Services, (*) and applications realized through this domain name, social media accounts of the Provider or CoDesign, and apps,
  All kinds of production, source code, processed work, content, slogan, editorial content and creation for advertising, CoDesign's design, text, image, html code and other codes produced as a result of software, design, technological and digital activities produced within the scope of the Services. All assets, real and personal rights, commercial information and know-how, including but not limited to all elements and similar things, including the Provider's trademarks, commercial appearance or any material, intellectual and industrial property rights owned by CoDesign. All rights and title to how are exclusively owned by Codesign. Customers and Users are granted a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use CoDesign and the Services, only conditionally in accordance with this Agreement, for the period in which the Agreement is in effect.  No statement and provision in the Agreement and its annexes shall mean that the relevant rights, titles and interests are partially or wholly transferred to the Customers and Users. Customers and Users shall not lease, sub-license, resell or share their rights specified herein, authorize others to use their rights, and may not transfer their rights.

Neither the Provider nor CoDesign has any rights regarding Projects, Submissions and other creation, content and sharing created by Customers and Users through CoDesign. The material, intellectual, industrial and other rights on them will be determined entirely within the framework of the agreements, terms and conditions agreed between the Customers and the Users while participating in the Projects, and the Provider accepts that it has no responsibility or liability in these matters.

Customers and Users shall not violate the material, intellectual and industrial property and personal rights of Codesign Provider, its subsidiaries, sister companies, business partners or any third party or institution while using the Services. Otherwise, the Provider may immediately suspend or terminate the Services.

7. FEE: The fee to be paid for the Services provided in accordance with this Agreement and the Membership Type and Conditions in Annex-1 (hereinafter referred to as “Fees”) and the payment method and the Membership Type whose plan is also in Annex-1. and Conditions document.
If fee payments are included in Annex-1, via other online payment service provider platforms that CoDesign currently supports or will support in the future.
  can do too.

8.1. Customers and Users are solely responsible for the claims and claims arising from their actions, omissions and violations of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Turkey or their use of CoDesign and the Services, in violation of the provisions of this Agreement and its annexes, and CoDesign, its affiliates, sister companies, business partners, employees, other It undertakes to cover the direct and indirect, positive or negative damages of Customers and Users or third parties.
8.2. The Provider has no responsibility for the actions and actions taken by the Customers and Users on, through or in connection with CoDesign. The use of a software provided by the Provider to Customers and Users, embodied only in the form of membership and use of CoDesign, is the provision of a number of technological and digital services.
8.3. The Provider, express or implied warranties, gains, results, commitment to success, certain expectations, results and
  disclaims any express or implied warranty or warranty, including but not limited to fitness for purpose.
8.4. The Provider shall not be held responsible in any way for any failures, connection problems, etc. caused by the external service providers with which it cooperates or purchases services/products, and Customers and Users accept in advance that they cannot claim any damages that may occur from the Provider.
8.5. Provider's actions, transactions and provided by Customers, Users or other third parties through CoDesign
  does not have the responsibility of knowing, researching, making sure of the truth, suitability, reliability, security, authority, legality of the content. Therefore, the Provider has no responsibility for the damages that may arise due to these.
8.6. Customers and Users are personally responsible for the provision of hardware, software, internet and other connections, infrastructure, devices and other services that they need or need to access Codesign and benefit from the Services. Access to CoDesign and Services, quality and suitability of quality, internet, hardware, software, connection, infrastructure, device providing the existence, suitability, quality of the service / product provided by the third party service / product provider.
  The Provider does not have any responsibility for the problems arising from them. For these reasons, the failure of the Customers and Users to benefit from the Services shall not prejudice the right of the Provider to charge a Fee and shall not refund the payments received.
8.7. The Provider shall not be liable to Customers and Users for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, penal, positive, negative damages, loss of earnings and reputation that may arise from the use of the Platform and the provision of the Services.
8.8. Without prejudice to the provisions in the Agreement that limit the liability of the Provider, the liability of the Provider within the scope of the Services is limited only to the direct damages arising from the breach of its obligations set forth in the Agreement and its annexes. The liability of the Provider within the scope of the Contract and Services is in any case limited to the total amount paid by the Customers or Users to the Provider in the last twelve months for the service related to the damage, or 1.00,00- (thousand) Turkish Liras in case no such payment has been made. will be.
8.9. Codesign is a workplace tool designed for use by businesses and organizations, not for consumption. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you agree that consumer law provisions do not apply to this Agreement.
8.10. The Parties accept that the provisions under the article titled "LIABILITY AND LIMITATION CONDITIONS" are essential and essential elements of the Agreement, are determinative in the will to realize the Agreement, and that the material provisions and the conditions for limitation of liability are accepted by the Parties voluntarily after negotiating with their legal advisors. they are doing.

9.1. This Agreement will become effective on the date of signature or the commencement of the Services, whichever comes first, and will remain in effect as the Services or CoDesign continue to be accessed. Regarding the electronic signing of the contract, the provisions of the Distance Sales Contract are reserved.
9.2. In the event that CoDesign access or some or all of the Services are offered free of charge for a trial period, the Services will automatically and immediately terminate at the end of the trial period if Customers or Users fail to make payment despite notification by the Provider towards the expiry of the trial period.
9.3. In the event that a different arrangement regarding the term of the Agreement, renewal and extension is agreed in the Annex-1 Membership Type and Conditions document, which is an annex to this Agreement, the aforementioned provisions shall apply.
9.4. The Provider has discretion as to the continuity and availability of CoDesign and Services, and may suspend or terminate CoDesign access and Services at any time prior to the term of the Agreement, upon 14 (fourteen) days' written notice. In this case, Customers or Users may only claim the fees corresponding to the remaining part if there are pre-collected Fee payments for the remaining portions of the Agreement period. In this regard, the provisions in the Annex-1 Membership Type and Conditions document are reserved.
9.5. In the event that the Customers or Users act in violation of their declarations, commitments, guarantees and obligations in the Agreement and its annexes and the legislation and do not correct the contradiction within 3 (three) days despite the written notification made to it, without prejudice to the special arrangements agreed on termination in this Agreement. The Provider, at its discretion, may suspend or terminate the Services partially or completely, and may claim direct and indirect negative or positive damages incurred by terminating the Agreement.
9.6. In the event that the Customers or Users actually partially or completely cease their activities, insolvency, request for bankruptcy by themselves or third parties, lose a significant part or all of their assets, are subject to procedures related to the appointment of a trustee, concordat, this Agreement shall be signed by the Provider immediately and without compensation, and the Services may be terminated immediately.
9.7. In the event that the Agreement or the Services are suspended or terminated for any reason as specified in this Agreement, the Customers or Users shall in no way be liable for any compensation, loss of earnings or business, loss of customers, loss of reputation, lost profit, direct-indirect damages, data loss, claims and demands of third parties or any right under any name,
  compensation cannot be claimed.
9.8. In case the Agreement or Services are suspended or terminated for reasons caused by Customers or Users, the amounts paid by Customers or Users will not be refunded. In these cases, the Provider may charge the Fee for the normal term of the Contract.

10. FORCE MAJEURE: Fire, flood, natural disaster, epidemics, state of war, violent events, social events, state of emergency, strike, lockout, sabotage, law, statute, regulation, decisions of competent authorities, power cuts, internet cuts, infrastructure problems and practices, and events beyond the control of the other Parties, which did not exist at the date of signing of this Agreement, and which make it impossible or significantly difficult for the Parties to fulfill their obligations, declarations and commitments set out in this Agreement. The exposed Party shall inform the other Party in writing within 7 (seven) days at the latest. In case of force majeure, the relevant Party may abstain from the performance of its obligations to the extent that it is affected by force majeure. The obligations of the party whose rights are not exercised during the force majeure period will also be suspended. In the event that the force majeure situation lasts longer than 60 (sixty) days for the Party that is subject to force majeure, the other Party may terminate the Agreement without compensation.

11. CONFIDENTIALITY: The Parties shall agree to any and all confidential information relating to the other Party, Codesign, Services that it has acquired in connection with or in connection with this Agreement, or which are clearly confidential due to its nature or disclosure conditions. undertakes to keep confidential information in any format or sensitive commercial information and data (hereinafter referred to as "Confidential Information") and not to disclose this information to any third party. In the event that Customers or Users do not comply with the obligations in this clause, the Provider has the right to suspend, terminate the Services or terminate the Agreement without refunding the Fee. The Parties shall indemnify all direct and indirect damages suffered by the Party whose Confidential Information has been disclosed due to their breach of confidentiality obligation.

12. TRANSFER AND ASSIGNMENT: Customers and Users cannot transfer or assign their rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties. The transfer and assignment is subject to the prior written approval of the Provider. The Provider, on the other hand, has the right to transfer and assign all its rights and obligations under the Agreement.  The Agreement and its annexes are binding on the successors of the Parties.

13. STAMP TAX: The Provider pays the stamp tax that may arise regarding the Contract and the Services.

14. WAIVER: The fact that the Provider has not asserted any right or claim arising from the Contract or legislation shall not be interpreted as a waiver of this right or claim. The Provider's waiver of any of its rights is valid only if it is signed in writing by its authorized representative.

15. NOTIFICATIONS: Communications with Customers and Users will be made through the e-mail address, address, telephone numbers or notifications to be made on the CoDesign platform. Communication by e-mail address, address or notifications to be made on the CoDesign platform replaces written communication. Customers and Users are responsible for keeping their e-mail address up to date and checking CoDesign regularly for notifications. The provisions of Article 18/3 of the Turkish Commercial Code are reserved. Changes in the addresses of the parties are only valid if they are notified in writing to the other party.

16. VALIDITY AND COMPLETENESS OF THE AGREEMENT: The invalidity, illegality or non-enforcement of any provision of this Agreement and its annexes shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions and regulations of the Agreement. This Agreement is a whole with its annexes, constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and supersedes all previously concluded verbal or written agreements regarding its subject.

17. DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND EVIDENCE AGREEMENT: The Laws of the Republic of Turkey are applied and the Izmir (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices are exclusively authorized to resolve all disputes that may arise from this Agreement and its annexes or from its implementation and interpretation. In disputes regarding the Contract, CoDesign and Services, the parties, the Provider's books and records and digital, electronic, computer records (e-mail correspondence, internet traffic information and access records[log] and similar) Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure They accept that it will constitute conclusive evidence in accordance with the

18. FINAL PROVISIONS: Customers and Users acknowledge that prior to the Agreement, they have been given the opportunity to independently review and evaluate the Agreement and CoDesign and the Services, and that they have signed the Agreement as a result, that the Provider may use CoDesign and the Services to a specific person, business or entity. It accepts that it has not taken any initiative to make it suitable and useful for the purpose, and that it has no such obligation afterwards. Customers and Users accept CoDesign and the Services "as is". The persons signing this Agreement on behalf of the parties declare and undertake that they have full authority to sign the Agreement, otherwise they will be personally responsible for the consequences and obligations assumed by that party in the Agreement.

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